Sarit Chalamish

I have been friends with Sarit for a few years by now. She used to work with artists and I met her taking pictures at a friends art opening who she worked with. She later on represented my fine art work.

Sarit is one of these people that is able to juggle living in NYC, work, being married and being the mother of three beautiful girls.

She is originally from Israel and talks in her interview about her meaning of life being first and foremost a mother. She says that she is contemporary in her day to day life but at the same time also very conservative. Being Jewish she mentions how important her faith is to her and talks about symbols in Jewish tradition like the separation of the mundane and the holy by celebrating the Sabbath.

She says that her parents gave her an outlook on life that there is a force or power that overseas things and that knowing that this force exist makes her feel that things will be alright and that she hopes to pass on this viewpoint to her children.


“Sarit Chalamish” Manhattan/New York City/On Sarit’s rooftop/6th Avenue 05-02-13 at 05:12 PM

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