Forgotten 2012

Forgotten 2012 is a project I shot last year and I finally had time to upload some of the images.

In the 80’s one of my roommates pulled about 12 old manikins out of a dumpster and dragged them over to the loft I live in. They have been sitting here for 30 or so years mainly being busy accumulating dust.

I had taken pictures of them many years ago with daylight but revisited shooting them and used strobes this time.

Even though I can’t ask them about their take on the meaning of life I feel that they are still telling their story in these photographs. A story about sadness and loneliness, neglect and decay, their story of being forgotten.

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“Forgotten 2012” Willamsburg/Brooklyn/At the loft 11-18-2011 at 06:06 PM

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