Eva Mueller

“Hello?” (me) “Hi this is Eva can I please talk to Chris?” “Chis is not here he went to Germany for Christmas”. (me) “Too bad I wanted to ask him if I could use his rooftop for a photo shoot”. “Well, I’m renting the place from him and you can use the roof if you want” (me) “That’s great, thank you so much! What do you want for that?” “No worries I’m here anyway but do you need an assistant?” (me)

It is December 1996. I had moved to New York a month before and I just scored my first photo assisting job in the city. Eva Mueller was on the other end of the line and even though she had already booked an assistant for this Job I would be her assistant on her next assignment. It ended up being a three day low budget shoot for the fashion designer Anna Sui. I made $ 80.00 per day but did so with a smile knowing that I was living my dream.

Eva and I have been friends ever since.

Many things have changed since then including my dreams but I wonder if I would still be living in this city had I not picked up the phone that day.

She is a fantastic photographer. Please check out her website here.

In her interview she talks about one of the latest conceptual projects she has been working on and that the meaning of her life is to be present and aware in each moment.


“Eva Müller” NYC/Brooklyn/Bushwick/At Eva’s studio in front some of the black faces project 04-17-13 at 11:04 AM

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