Kjell Boersma

I met Kjell in Gallup and took pictures at the casting for his up and coming short film project “Monster Slayer“.

We both ended up traveling east with our friend Shane until the car broke down in Lebanon Missouri. We were stuck for two days, got the car fixed only to break down again minuets after we continued our trip. Another two days went by and we finally were able to continue our trip but this time without Kjell. Not knowing when the spare parts would arrive he had continued his trip to Canada by bus.

We used the time during our forced stay in Missouri though. On day two I asked him if we could do the interview. There was not much to do anyway, you don’t get far in Lebanon without a car so we waked over to a park close to the hotel to take the picture and do the interview.

In his interview he talks about being depressed when he was quite young because he was asking himself what is the point of getting out of bed in the morning and often he didn’t because he felt there was none.

His way to be able to deal with this was that he eventually stopped trying to figure everything out and accepted that he never is going to have glimpses of the great scheme of things.

He suggests to do the things you think are worth doing and to trust your instincts when you make decisions.

Please click here to listen to Kjell’s meaning of life


“Kjell Boersma” Lebanon/Missouri/Marplecrest Park 03-26-13 at 05:57 PM

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