Michael Rosker

I spent 3 months in Gallup staying with my friend Michael and his family. I want to use this opportunity to thank them for their hospitality and love.

Michael has been my spiritual teacher for almost 13 years. To me he is the wisest person I know and there was no way that I would leave Gallup without asking him about the meaning of life.

He is talking about letting go, what also has been the main part of my own spiritual development. To him the meaning of life is discovered as we begin to remove the meaning of life. It is about letting go of our pressures, longings and needs.

I like to call it cleaning the pipe. To me we human beings are nothing but a vessel to express love, the Tao, God, the Force or however you want to call it. True power, love and strength is expressed when we as a separate entity, a body, an ego disappear and merge with the universal intelligence that surrounds us.

To let this higher intelligence express itself the vessel, the pipe that is materializes as our body and mind has to be empty and clean and not filled with ideas and beliefs.

The meaning of life can’t be found, we can only let go of what we think it is. After letting go of our ideas the meaning of life will find us. We will walk our unique path, life becomes simple and beautiful since our actions are in alignment with the universe.

To read more about my experiences with Michael go here or here. Michael is available for phone sessions worldwide, please contact him at michaelrosker.com.
Please click here to listen to Michael’s ideas about the meaning of life and the meaning of his life
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