Megan Rosker

My friend Megan is a 2nd grade teacher and the mother of the 3 most wonderful children I know. I spent the last three months with her and her husband Michael who also has been my spiritual teacher for the past 12 years.

In her interview Megan is talking about being a mother of three and that she feels that nurturing children is her calling in life.

Living in Florida two years ago and finding out that some schools in the area had cut recess times completely Megan started to work as a play advocate. Shortly after writing an article in a local newspaper she was featured in a story in the New York Times about the effort to restore children’s play. She started a website called “Let Children Play” and continued working on that site while spending a year in New York City in 2012. She realized that to nurture children is better done in person than in front of a computer screen. She returned to the Navajo Nation as a teacher after eight years, having taught there for “Teach For America” before.

During my time in Gallup I spent two days with Megan and another two days with two other teachers in different schools on the reservation to help out in class. While the field of commercial photography is very much about money and status I met people who’s main intention is to help these children that are often faced with a multitude of problems.

Children that often are so poor that there is nothing to eat at home, children that come to school without a coat and have to borrow one at the lost and found to be able to go to recess. During my stay we had temperatures up to 12 below zero.

Teachers like Megan, Thedeus and Shanae (who I featured earlier on this blog) give these children hope that there is a better life waiting for them. These teachers give all their passion, love and enthusiasm to these children that are growing up in an area that I like to call the forgotten America, an area that is many parts on the level of a third world country.

And they doing all of that for a yearly salary of around $ 30,000.00.

We as a society are spending our days looking up to movie stars, musicians and people in sports as our raw models. As a capitalistic society we value personal gain the most. Whoever makes the most money, has the most power and hence is the king of the hill. Most of us have bought into that so the system works.

After my time in Gallup my value system has changed. Today I look up to these teachers who dedicate themselves to better these children’s lives without monetary gain while knowing that very few people will ever look up to them for doing so.

Maybe it is time for us as a society to question our value system and give them the appreciation they deserve.

Please click here to listen to Megan’s take on the meaning of life.

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