Shane Van Pelt

I met Shane helping him and his friend Kjell taking pictures of people at the casting for their upcoming short film Monster Slayer.

Shane had lived in New York for a couple of years. He is an amazing painter. You can check out his work at Grey Gallery here.

A few weeks ago he was so nice to take my friend Marco and me to a canyon out on the reservation that was only reachable with a four wheel drive car. Going there was a spiritual experience. The stone formations, colors and the grandeur of it all rendered me utterly speechless. I don’t think I had ever seen a place of such beautyl before.

In his interview Shane talks about the mystery of life. I rarely felt that mystery as much as going to that canyon. There is a big difference between the skyscraper canyons of New York City and this canyon in the desert of New Mexico. While in New York the huge buildings are an example for human determination and craftsmenship at a grand scale the canyon made me experience great owe and that here is an an energy at work that is is way beyond what I can comprehend.

To me Shane’s portrait reflects the mystery he is talking about.

Him and I have become friends by now and he, Kjell and I are on a cross country trip back to New York City right now. Our car broke down and as I write this and catch up on my backlog of images and interviews we have spent the last three days in Lebanon/Missouri. The car supposedly will be fixed in a few hours so hopefully we can continue our trip later today.
To listen to Shane’s take on the meaning of life please click here
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