Thedeus Tah

I met Thedeus through my friends Megan and Michael who I’m staying with here in Gallup. Megan works at Juan De Onate one of the local elementary schools teaching 2nd grade. About 90% of the children going to this school are Native Americans.

Thedeus is one of Megan’s colleagues and is teaching 2nd grade as well. He grew up in Church Rock, a small town on the Navajo reservation. In his interview he is talking about growing up on the reservation and what challenges he had to face during that time. He talks about spending his days in Red Rock National Park and how he made money from tourists for allowing them to take pictures of him and his friends since they were Navajos.

The meaning of his life is to live for the second, live for the breath, be generous, don’t judge, have a good time and laugh a lot.
To listen to Thedeous’s take on the meaning of life please click here
“Thedeeus Tah” Gallup/New Mexico/Juan De Onate elementary school 03-15-13 at 08:14 AM

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