Tygel Pinto

Today I went back to “The Coffee House” here in Gallup/NM to do some work on the computer. One of the other guests pulled out a flute after ordering a coffee and started playing it.

I’m not very musical myself but I know when I listen to something that is good. What he was playing was so beautiful that it gave me goosebumps. I had to find out more about him.

After he was done playing his first melody, Marco who was hanging out with me at the coffee shop and I walked over to him and asked him if we could talk to him for a moment. He welcomed us to sit down at his table.

Tygel Pinto is a 26 year old Navajo flute player. He was born in Gallup and lived in Crystal/NM until he turned 13. He had some rough times growing up but found solace in playing the flute and dedicated his life to music.

We talked for an hour and then recorded a short interview. Tygel is such an interesting person with deep insights. I had a wonderful time talking to him and found out more about Navajo culture. This experience reminded me once again how fortunate I am to meet such wonderful people doing what I do.

After the interview I could not resist to ask him to play something on one of the three flutes he had with him. He agreed and I attached the recording to the interview.

Please support Tygel by liking him on Facebook. If you are interested in buying his CD please contact him directly at tygelpinto@gmail.com.
To listen to Tygel’s take on the meaning of his life click here
“Tygel Pinto” Gallup/New Mexico/The Coffee House 01-24-13 at 01:24 PM

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