TMOL? Joel David Muhammad Spacetipsy Whitien

I met Joel hanging out with my new friend Dan at “The Coffee House” on Coal Street in Gallup, New Mexico. Dan and I were talking about a project we want to collaborate on in  Ethiopia. Joel came up to our table to tell us that he had overheard our conversation and that he was stationed in Ethiopia as a soldier while in the American army. We talked for a few minuets but I knew right away that I had  to ask him to be part of my “Meaning of Life” project.

Joel was only in town for an hour and was traveling with friends what meant I only had a  30 minuet window to do this. I was happy to find out that his friends were as nice as him. He agreed to answer my questions and his friends went for a walk while we sat down to talked and to take the picture.

I had a wonderful time chatting with him. Joel is a man who has seen war and because of his experiences is fighting against war today. He struck me as a very nice person. I feel fortunate that he allowed me to take his picture and let me record his story.

To hear Joels interview click here

“TMOL? Joel David Muhammad Spacetipsy Whitien” Coffee House/Gallup/NM 01-17-13 at 02:58


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