TMOL? Bobby Chua

This was the longest trip I’ve ever been on. I spent more then 50 hours on trains in 3 days but at the same time had a great trip.

In Chicago we boarded the Southwest Chief, a train that goes from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles.

The Southwest is a fantastic way to travel. We had a “Roommette” a sleeper car for two. The room was small but it was great to be able to go to lie down to sleep and take a shower after traveling for more then 25 hours.

The landscapes we saw on the trip were breathtaking. Another wonderful thing was the train restaurant. When you get a sleeper all food is included. We spent a lot of time in the restaurant.

This is where we met Bobby. Bobby was our waiter and he has been working on trains for 26 years. He has this great sense of humor and made us laugh from the get go. We talked to him about what we do, where we are going and about his life. He is 69, still enjoying what he does and his attitude was so positive and playful that he was a perfect candidate to be asked about the meaning of life.

I was happy that he was willing to do it and talking to him over breakfast, lunch and dinner was a big part of what made this trip so enjoyable. Thanx Bobby!

To listen to Bobby’s interview please click here

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