Traveling West

My best friend Marco and I started an epic journey today that will bring us to a place that could not be further removed New York City without crossing a border.

We decided to go by train. Travel time alone is 49 hours with a layover in Chicago of 5 hours. While writing this we already almost made it to Chicago, a 20 hour trip.

Gallup is a town of 20.000 on the NW corner of New Mexico situated close to the Navaho Reservation. It is considered the capital of the Native American Jewelry trade, was mentioned in the Route 66 song and was the location in the showdown for Natural Born Killers.

There are no cabs or cars services, one gym, one yoga studio and only a couple of restaurants.

I just found this about going to a nightclub in Gallup online: Before walking into this nightclub you must be prepared for the scene and expect anything could happen here. Depending on your ethnicity, you will most likely be a minority. If you are white you will stick out the most, but don’t let that get to you, after all this is “Indian Country”, as the locals call it.

No skyscrapers, subways, no fire trucks,much less people and lots of space? Sounds like an amazing adventure.

Living in New York City I met people from all over the world but in all those years only a handful Native American Indians and only talked to 2 or three of them. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet more of the original inhabitants and this country that has become my home.

More to come……..

“Traveling West” Manhattan/Emire State Building the night before we left town 01-04-13 at 9:45 PM

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