TMOL? Nieves Saah

Another day to find out what the meaning of life (TMOL?) is. I’m determined to get an answer.

My roommate Nieves Saah is an amazing painter and has been an artist for more then 40 years. You can check out her website here.

Nieves was born in Bilbao, came to the States in the 70’s and has been living here ever since. I often stood in front of her painting asking her where the figures that she painted came from. “I don’t know”, she always replied. But isn’t that what art is? Something that comes from a place beyond our grasp that is expressed through the techniques we learned over the years?

Let’s see what she had to say about the meaning of life:


“TMOL? Nieves Saah” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/The loft 12-13-12 at 11:46 AM


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