“SHADOW OF WAR” Sound Clips

It has been a long time in coming but finally the sound clips for my “SHADOW OF WAR” multimedia exhibition are online. The entire website is now in English and in German.

This project about the time during the Second World War seen through the eyes of German contemporaries has been the most complex but at the same time most rewarding project I’ve worked on so far.

Please take a moment to check out the images and stories and let me know what you think.

I’m in Germany right now to bring the project to Berlin but I’m also interested to exhibit the show anywhere else in the world. For that I need your help. If you find this project interesting please share the link with your family and friends and let’s see where social media can bring this.

Many thanks to my amazing web designer and good friend Shannon Brown for designing such an fantastic website!

“SHADOW OF WAR” Herr Scholz/Berlin/Germany/January 2010

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