Hearts (Part 2)

What to do after you get hurt?

Well I guess all you can do is bandage your heart and wait for it to heal. But why is this experience so painful? Why was my heart ripped apart? What can the other person give me that I don’t have myself?

Would I have had the same experience had I fully excepted and loved myself? Is there anybody in the world that could reject such a human being and if it would happen would that person be hurt?

Maybe our lovers are just a stand-ins for our parents. Are we trying to get the love from them that we never received as a child and when it is denied to us all this old frustration and and years of hurt erupt. We feel like our heart is ripped out of our chest, pierced on a stick and in disbelief we ask over and over again “why don’t you love me?” and never get an answer.

What do you think?

“My Heart (Part 2)” Williamsburg/Pig Heart stabbed and held together by rubber bands 01-24-12 at 05:48 PM

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