Forgotten 2011/2012

I did revisit a project that I shot a couple of  years ago. In “forgotten” I photographed portraits of manikins. One of my roommates had pulled them out of a dumpster about 20 years ago and they have been loft dwellers ever since.

Their main purpose was to collect dust and to amaze visitors until I took some images of them about 4 or 5 years ago.

A friend of mine suggested to revisit the project so here is the first one of the ladies in the spotlight in full glory again.

I love the haunted look in her eyes. She seems almost alive and it feels as if she is wondering what she is doing in this strange place being forgotten by the outside world.

I shot a bit over 1000 images so far, I’m 2/3rd through the project by now and will keep on posting more images in the future.

“Forgotten 2011” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/The Loft/portrait of manikin 11-14-11 at 07:58 PM

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