What Hurricane?

At the end at least in New York City not much happened. Yesterday evening the wind picked up and it was pouring outside. I received an invitation on Facebook from my friend Gino for a hurricane ping pong party. After hesitating first I decided that this was something that I just could not miss.

One must love New York and the creative ways people come up with to make more money. As I mentioned yesterday the entire public transportation system shut down so the only way to get to the West Side was to take a cab. The moment I jumped into the taxi the driver told me that all meters are off for the night and that there are flat fee zone systems instead. A ride that would usually have cost me 5 dollars was 10 dollars now.

I’ve known Gino for a long time and his parties are always amazing. As a matter of fact one of Gino’s parties was the first party I had ever been to in New York City. It was probably my second week here. It was already great to be in New York but going to a private party made the experience even better. I was so excited and it was in the fall of 1996.

I’ve been to many of his parties since then. Gino is a people’s person, one of these great connecters who knows everybody and anybody. That is because he is such a fun great guy. It is hard not to like Gino even if you try.

I often have to think of the time we spent on Hawaii together assisting for our friend Eva Mueller. We had to go to the equipment rental place here in NY where a mountain of stuff was waiting for us to be brought to the shoot. I just had gotten over a serious bike accident. I told Gino that I can’t lift very heavy stuff because I had had a fractured pelvis, he smiled and said I can’t lift heavy stuff either because I just had had a heart attack. We both started laughing hysterically but were able to get the equipment to Hawaii at the end.

Going to his loft this time made me sad though because I had met my last girlfriend at his 2011 New Years Eve  party, a relationship that ultimately ended a month ago. But after a few drinks, an extremely competitive round of ping pong and some dancing I pulled myself together again. I had a wonderful night.

I left his place at 3:30 AM. At that point it was still pouring and Irene was 1.5 hours away.

When I got home I went to sleep. When I woke up at 9:30 am nothing had happened. There was some wind and some rain but that was it.

Well, I much rather take this then to sit in the apartment without electricity for a couple of days. The whole thing reminded me on Byron Katie a spiritual teacher who would always say that nothing is as bad as we make it in our minds. Even more true is though that nothing is ever as bad as they make it on television. 🙂


“What Hurricane?” Manhattan/NYC/Broadway and 15th Street 08-28-11 at 06:32 PM

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