Nothing leaves your life…..

Life is such an amazing ride! We have certain ideas about who the people are that surround us but one step, one action can change our relationships and lives forever.

Something similar happened to this rat that was attempting to cross the street at the wrong time and
at the wrong place.

But an experience that might seem as painful as being driven over by a car could also be a huge opportunity. How do we know that the person that just hurt us so much did not do us a huge favor? How do we know that life is not opening up an opportunity for us to get even better?

The one thing I will always remember that my mother said is, “Nothing leaves your life without making space for something better”.

I always keep that in mind.

And coming back to the rat, how do we know that  life on the often so filthy Brooklyn streets is better then being in rat heaven? 🙂
“Nothing leaves your life…..” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Grand Street/Rat run over by car 06-26-11 at 09:18 AM

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