Window Of Opportunity

In life there are always windows of opportunity. An opportunity unfolds before our eyes and we decide if we want to take it. Do we want to walk through this door not knowing what is on the other side?

It is a misconception that these opportunities will be available for an unlimited time. That is rarely true. As we all know opportunities come and go.

But who seizes an opportunity? That brings us back to the question if there is a free will? Do we make decisions based on our own ideas and experiences or on what we were told to think about ourselves and the world? In my experience we live our lives so much more based on our programming then on what we have realized on our own and what we believe to have realized on our own might is often still built on ideas we were brainwashed to believe.

I sometimes wonder how many opportunities are missed in the world on a daily basis because of this. I missed countless in my life only because I was made to believe that I’m less then I was.

Luckily I stopped looking back, otherwise these missed possibilities would fill me with great regret. Nobody can change the past anyway but what one can do when the next door opens and it feels like the right thing to do is to go through it and never look back.
“Window Of Opportunity” Manhattan/NYC/MOMA 03-19-11 at 03:06 PM

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