Dr. Klaus Riemer

As I mentioned in my post yesterday Dr. Klaus Riemer, one of the 23 people I interviewed flew in from Germany for the opening of “SHADOW OF WAR: German Memories Of WWII”. It was a great opportunity for people attending the opening to talk to one of the contemporaries who experienced the war first hand and in person. Here is a  quick excerpt of his interview:

I had my worst war experience in Lintz. It wasn’t even the suffering of human beings, it was the suffering of horses! I was in the railway station when it was bombed. In the explosions the horses were thrown out of the railway cars and were thrashing around terrified and panicking. Their insides were flung there on the twisted rails. As they fell I looked into the eyes of these dying creatures — it was so awful — because the innocence of these animals had nothing to do with what the humans were doing there. The suffering I saw there – it got to me and will follow me for the rest of my life.

That day I said goodbye to God. I said goodbye forever, because I couldn’t imagine that anyone who had almighty power could let this happen and not use that power to prevent this.

It was great to have “Klaus” at the opening. He was staying with me and my roommates and became an instant friend with all of us. It was his first time in New York and I believe he had as a good time beeing here as we had having him as a guest.

What I love about his portrait is that more then 65 years after the incident at the train station in Lintz he is looking up to the skies waiting for some almighty power to intervene with what is happening.

“Dr. Klaus Riemer” Potsdam/Germany/Portrait Of Dr. Klaus Riemer January 2010

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