Journey To My Dreams

Last year I updated my music photography by putting up some ads on craigslist looking for musicians willing to work with me on different projects. One of the people who e-mailed me back was Andrew Bove.  Andrew is playing an instrument I never had heard about before called the cimbasso. I met Andrew and is girlfriend Toni Dolce at a Starbucks in the city and we decided to do the shoot out here in the loft in Brooklyn a few days later.

They came over and we had a great day photographing Andrew and his instrument that almost nobody knows.I will post some images of the shoot in the next couple of days.

Andrew and Toni got married a couple of weeks ago and started to work together on the project they call, “Journey To My Dreams”. The idea is to interview people who live their dreams and to inspire others to do the same.

Living your dream is in a way an oxymoron because the moment you live it the dream has ceased to exist and has become reality. From my own experience I also have to say that living the reality of your dream is always different than than what you had envisioned it to be.

Fact is though that I had a dream about 16 or 17 years ago (why I had this dream is a whole other question :-)) in a small town outside of Nuremberg/Germany to become a photographer and to live in New York City and I’ve been working in the industry and have been living in the city for the past 14 years.

This is why Toni and  Andrew asked me if I would be willing to give them an interview about my experiences.

Since having a Youtube channel about people living their dreams is their dream I was very happy to accept and by doing so I was able to help them to make their dream become reality.

Both came over a couple of weeks ago and shot a short interview asking me a few questions about how I decided to become a photographer, what the process was and what advice I would give people who want to do the same.

It was fun seeing them to work so well together as a team and they did a great job with the video. May their work inspire other people to follow their hearts and to do what they love to do the most.




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