The beautiful thing about children is that they free. They always do what they want to do (at least try to) and are honest  about how they feel (especially if they don’t get what they want!). There is no holding back, no investment in long term goals, there is only the here and now.

They enjoy the little things in life to the fullest. It is not about imaginary future events it is all about having as much fun as possible here and now. Michael’s children’s lives are about playing in the playroom, going to the beach or playground, watching cartoons, eating food they like and having somebody read them stories.

Their lives are focused on happiness and fun and while they’re doing what they love to do they are not worried what other people think or if they look funny doing so.

What about our lives?

What motivates us to do what we do?  Is it because it makes us happy or is it because we have something to prove? Are we living our lives to find happiness or do we live them to make somebody else happy? Are we trying to show our worth by impressing the people around us through doing something that is socially valued or does our main motivation come from a place of fear of not having enough in the future?

Very soon I would have to ask myself the this question and I was very surprised by the answer I received.




“Happy?” Redington Shores/Florida/Eli after eating spaghetti 07-20-10 at 05:10 PM

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