About three weeks ago I received a call from my friend and spiritual teacher Michael who lives in Florida. I was about to walk into a Starbucks to make the New York heat and the countless hours editing the “Shadow Of War” project bearable with an iced Soy Chai Latte.

Suddenly Michael was calling me (as a matter of fact I have a special ringtone for him). As usual I was very excited but at the same time my ego, my illusionary self, the part of me that wants to hold on to the past and likes to suffer was in distress. Since Michael moved away from New York about three years ago we talk every two weeks or so on the phone on weekends. I usually  call him and him calling me especially during the week does not happen too often.

My ego saw trouble on the horizon. What will happen when I pick up this phone? What part of the illusions that I have about myself will I have to let go today?

But this time it was different. Micheal’s wife Megan did not feel good, he had to work and they needed help with their three kids Jude 1 1/2, Coko 3 and Eli 5. It was Wednesday afternoon and Michael asked me if I could be in Florida on the weekend.

The moment he said that my mind threw all these reasons at me why it was not possible to go.  It was too short of a notice, I had so much to do, all the money I would have to spent for the flight and that I need the time to work on the WWII project.

Then something amazing happened. I said Michael, I will be there this weekend. All my reasoning did not matter. It did not even matter that I received a tremendous amount of help from him in the last 10 years, that he changed my life to the better for what  I’ll be thanking him forever for that.

All that mattered was that I love him and Megan and the kids. I would have swam to Florida if necessary (we all know what an oily trip that would have been!). I would have sold my (very hard one!) cameras, my (very hard one!) computer and my (hard one!) iphone to get there.

That is what love does. It is stronger then all obstacles.

I was on a plane Saturday early in the morning and spent the whole week until the following Sunday with them. I had a wonderful time wile my ego as expected had a rocky ride. 🙂



“In Florida” Redington Shores/Florida/Playing with Coko on the beach 07-18-10 at 10:06 AM

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