Overcoming The Bloggers Block

The longer you stop doing something the harder it is to get back into it. That is equally true for this blog.

This is something I’ve been struggling with all my life. To get good at or achieve anything you need a tremendous amount of persistence but life is also about letting go. How do you let go and get somewhere?

Then of course the question arises, “Is there anywhere to go to?” If I write this blog or not, if we achieve what we want in life, if we work as hard as we can on a daily basis to get where we want to be the same fate awaits all of us.

None of us will get out of this experience alive.

If death is all that awaits us there is obviously nothing to achieve, there is no final destination.

What is life then all about? To me it is about being happy.

Instead of constantly putting pressure on myself to do and achieve I will ask myself the simple question: Does this make me happy?

The moment the answer is no I will immediately stop what I’m doing. I have no time to lose. In a few decades the experience in this body will be over.

Does writing this blog make me happy? I’m not sure but I will find out. 🙂




“Overcoming The Bloggers Block” Fire Island/The Pines/Sunset 06-20-10 at 08:22 PM

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