A 50 Cent Camera!?

While I was out in Harrisburg my roommate Nieves dragged me away from my set for a couple of hours to go to the local Amish market. I felt guilty not to shoot at the time but also happy to spend time with her and be able to enjoy the beautiful weather.

On our way we stopped at one of the many thrift shops. To be honest I’m not a big shopper and when I buy something it usually has to do with photography. When we entered Nieves started to look at cloths and I was looking for cameras.

First I thought it wouldn’t get lucky. There were no Hasselblads, Leicas or Linhofs to find but then I pulled a plastic point and shoot cameras that said “Panoramic” in big letters on the front and “Made in China” on the bottom out of one of the bins.

I went to the cashier and asked for the price but she was not familiar with the camera department. Another woman came by who worked in the store and was asked by her if she new the price of the camera. She shook her head, while she smiled said, “Just make it 50 Cents” then looked at me and said, “Today is your lucky day!”

Today was my lucky day! In a time where high end cameras go over the counter for $ 5,000.00 to over $ 40,000.00 a price of 50 Cents is an amazing bargain. Yes it is film, manual winding, you can’t chance exposure time or f-stop and the “panoramic” look of the images is achieved by cropping the top and the button of a 35 mm frame but it is a camera.

When I got back to the house I loaded it immediately with some b/w film and surprisingly  there was really something on the film when I developed it. I have to admit though that its plastic lens is the softest lens I ever used but who can complain at that price!? 🙂




“A 50 Cent Camera!?” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Devoe and Cathrine Street 04-20-10 at 02:30 PM

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