Showing Up For Work

In photography as in other artistic fields there is not that moment when lightening strikes and you instantly know what image to shoot. In reality what happens is very subtle and at the end nothing else then showing up for work.

When I went to Harrisburg to shoot the nature project the temperature had dropped dramatically on the second day. I was cold, huddling under the porch to protect myself and the camera from the occasional rain and the wind gusts that would otherwise blur my images at their 8 seconds exposure time.

I had shown up for work and the temperature, the rain and the wind would not get me down. I kept on collecting objects I wanted to shoot and photographed them.

Then magic happened. Nieves came out of the house with a bunch of dried flowers that she had kept inside over the winter. She turned to me and said, “I’m throwing these out but wanted to see if you can use them for something?”

At that moment I wanted these old flowers more then anything else in the world. I instantly knew they would photograph well and I wasn’t wrong.

I did not choose to shoot this image, the image did choose me but I would have never taken it had I not shown up for work.




“Showing Up For Work” Warington/Pennsylvania/Dried Flower 3/ 04-18-10

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