Carol Hannah (Part 2)

Carol Hannah liked to work with me so much the day we shot the story for “The Fashion Journal” that she hired me to shoot the look book for her new bridal line.

Yesterday we had a great day shooting 20 bride’s maid and wedding dresses in the studio. Carol Hanna’s work is stunning. Being an artist myself I’m so impressed with what other artists are able to do. Cutting and sawing a dress that looks so beautiful at the end? I have no idea how she does it.

To see more of her work please go to her website.

I did what I love to do: Taking pictures, listening to music, dancing and making jokes that nobody else thinks are funny.

At the end of the shoot we took this group photo. From left to right:

My best friend Marco, Shane Terenzi (make-up), Courtney (model), Carol-Hannah, Laura Haarhoff (marketing) and in the background the crazy photographer (me) jumping with Steven Meisel bandana.

Considering that this shot was taken at the end of a 12 hour day I must have had some energy left. 🙂

To see a video about the shoot please go here.




“Carol Hannah (Part 2)” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/The loft 03-31-10 at 09:06 PM

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