Carol Hannah

A few weeks before I left for Germany I received a call from Erica who had done the make-up for the shoot I did with Julie Sandberg. Erica had just started to work for this magazine called “The Fashion Journal” that supports emerging designers and asked me if I would be interested in working with her on the cover story for the next issue.

The model was Carol Hannah, a fashion designer and one of the finalists of the “Project Runway” show with Heidi Klum. I agreed to it neither knowing the show or Carol Hannah because I don’t watch television. After a short discussion about where to shoot we decided to use the loft since that would spare me from dragging the light equipment to the city and also kept the costs down.

The shoot was scheduled for 12-01-09. As always before shoots I was nervous. I had seen some pictures of Carol Hannah online but what personality would she have? Would we work well together? Would I be able to make her feel comfortable while photographing her?

The moment she walked into the studio all my fears had disappeared. It is great to see when somebody so talented who gets frequently recognized on the streets of Manhattan can be so natural.

I had a great day working with her and the rest of the team. I love to work with people who love what they do because I love what I do. I had such a good time that at a certain point I was playing air guitar to “Let’s go crazy” by Prince while lying on the floor on my back and spinning in circles like Angus Young from AC/DC.

It finally convinced me that great pictures can be taken while everybody has fun.

When I was assisting I worked with famous photographers who took beautiful pictures but working with them was hell. Everybody was miserable. I don’t want to spent my life like that. We are here on this planet for a limited time only and every day spent being miserable is just another lost day out of the few days that we have available.

At the end me having fun helped Carol Hannah to have fun as well, that made her feel comfortable and allowed her to be herself in front of the camera what resulted in images that captured her beauty and personality. Perfect!

To see the images of the shoot please click here, to read what Carol Hannah had to say about working with me please click here, if you want to buy some of her designs online here.

Power to fun! 🙂

“Carol Hannah” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Cover of “The Fashion Journal” 12-01-09 at 12:20 PM

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