I just had posted my last blog post yesterday when I was heading out to see the fireworks. In New York city fireworks are not allowed because they are considered a fire hazard. There is the option to go to Time Square to see the ball drop but other then that at midnight when you lift up your glass for a toast nothing else is happening.

In Germany that is different. Germans spent estimated 100 Million Euros for fireworks this year alone that are 143 Million Dollars.

Years ago in Nuremberg people would meet at the little hill in the middle of the city where the old castle is situated. Come midnight the entire sky would light up in different colors.

It is dangerous as well though. It is New Years Eve, many people are drunk and now handling explosives. At times it was like a war zone. Over the years I saw many people with their hair on fire.

When I left the house I ran into some neighbors and asked them where the best place would be to see the fireworks. They said one of the spots would be the “Alte Oper” the old opera house in the city center. We made our way over there.

And as in the old days it was pretty crazy. It makes you wonder how many people got injured last night but no risk no fun and at the end it was more exciting then to see the ball drop.

What a nice start into the new year. 🙂

“Fireworks” Frankfurt am Main/Germany/Lucae fountain in front of Alte Oper 12-31-09 at 06:05 PM
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“Fireworks” Frankfurt am Main/Germany/Alte Oper 01-01-10 at 12:00 AM

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