War Project

I had completely forgotten that between Christmas and New Years pretty much everything shuts down in Germany.

Because of that there was not much going on with the “War” project during that time but I was able to get two more interviews done.

This image shows Mr. Konrad Gerhard. He is part of a German minority called the “Donau Schwaben”. He used to live in a small village called “Liebling” in an area that today belongs to Romania.

The Donau Schwaben moved to an area called the Banat in 1750 and stayed there until 1944. When the Russians took over half of the population of his village fled west. Mr. Erhard stayed until 1989 even though he lost all his family owned. He emigrated to Germany in 1989 at age 67 with only a few suitcases.

In this image he is holding up a book with images of people from his village that were sent to Russia for forced labor and many of them never returned.






“War Project” Schwabach bei Nuremberg/Germany/Portrait of Mr. Konrad Gerhard 12-27-09 at 03:49 PM

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