The Pursuit Of Happiness

How would the world look like if we would understand that happiness is our birthright and that it is a well inside of us? The moment we tap into it happiness will be with us, always.

It can’t be found in anything external. There is no happiness in money, fame, a relationship or anything else in the world.

Nothing external works. We can kid ourselves another year decade or lifetime but it still will not work. We can work, kill ourselves to have more and be more important but it will not make us happier. Secretly we all know the truth.

The only way to find happiness is to transcend all ideas and beliefs we have and that opens up the possibility to live in the moment. The moment without regrets about the past and worries about the future is perfect. Happiness is living in the moment.

How would a world full of happy people look like? A world where people understand that  happiness can’t be found on the outside. Would there be greed? Would there be wars?

It would be a world were people follow their inner voice and do what makes them happy.  Everybody would do what he or she came here to do. Everything would fall into place for the greater good of all.





“The Pursuit Of Happiness” Berlin/Germany/Central Station 12-17-09 at 05:54 PM

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