Perfection And Love

In the last couple of days I was contemplating perfection and love. Is love perfect or utterly imperfect and if that is the case can perfection and love coexist?

There are many things that are perfect in Germany for example. Perfectly clean streets, modern architecture and beautifully made cars.

Being born and raised here this is a very personal question. I’ve been pursuing perfection as long as I can remember and in many ways, physically, spiritually and occupationally.

But that comes with some side effects. I get a nervous breakdown if somebody crumples my curtains or if I have a spot on my perfectly super white painted walls. A scratch on my television set or an I phone that hits the floor can give me stomach cramps for a week.

But is there love in perfection? Is there love in the perfect car, the clean street, the curtains and the white walls?

Fact is trying to achieve perfection takes a lot of energy and never can be fully achieved.

Does the attempt itself kill love, joy and happiness?





“Perfection And Love” Berlin/Germany/Administration Building in Government Area 12-16-09 at 04:03 PM

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