Two days ago I came to Frankfurt to have my interview at the Consulate for my new visa.

Again I realized that there is no escape from New York. They call Frankfurt Mainhatten (it is located at the river Main) because all of the skyscrapers build by German Banks that touch the clouds. But to be honest you can’t compare it to the Mainhattan without the “i”.

I’m staying at my friend Uwe’s apartment. Uwe, his wife and daughter are not here and I have their beautiful place for myself.

Originally the plan was to take a train to Berlin today. The problem was though that I would not have had a place for the night and would have had to pull an all-nighter.

Before I make decisions I envision how the action would make me feel. When I did that yesterday I was convinced that I have to go to Berlin tonight. I was all packed up this morning ready to go. But when I checked again things had shifted. It felt better to stay in Frankfurt, have a place to sleep and catch a ride to Berlin tomorrow morning.

That is the thing with the inner voice. It’s guidance always shifts and changes what is at times very annoying. But as I mentioned in the past I’m determined to follow its guidance.

I will spent New Years in a city where I don’t know anybody but I’m sure that will change in the next couple of hours. 🙂






“Mainhattan” Frankfurt am Main/Germany/Commerzbank Skyscraper 12-31-09 at 02:54 PM


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