Berlin (Part 1)

Three days ago I landed in Berlin. It has been a while since I was in Germany the last time and it took me a few days to adjust.

The main difference between New York and almost any other places in the wold is the noise level. Being in Berlin makes me feel like I’m in the countryside it is so quiet here.

My friend Guner who I met about 10 years ago in New York while he was interning at a hospital where I showed up with a broken finger was so nice to offer me his apartment. He and his girlfriend went to South Africa for three weeks.

It is a very nice place in the middle of the city (Berlin Mitte) just a 15 minuet walk away from “Alexanderplatz”.

I will be in Germany until the beginning of January and to leave for that long I had to tie up so many loose ends in New York before I left. Not only was I exhausted from the trip but mainly from getting ready for the trip.

I’ve been meeting some old friends over the last couple of days and have made already some new ones. Hanging out in bars and cafes is so much more pleasant now then a few years ago since they finally banned smoking in public places in Germany as well.

And even though New York is to me the greatest city in the world there are certain things you can’t find like German bread which is so amazing. Bread is all I’ve been eating since I arrived here. During the Christmas time they have “Gluehwein” that is hot spiced tea and then there is of course gingerbread.

So far I’m having a great time. It was about time to get out of New York for a little while and see something else. There is also a project I’m working on wile I’m here and I will talk more about it in future posts.

Until then “Aufwiederhoeren”. 🙂





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