The “Chinatown Project” is the third and so far last personal project that I shot of objects against a white background.

At 18 I traveled the first time to Malaysia. The way of living in Germany and in the States is very similar but Asia is different. The food, the religion, the language and the way of living had almost nothing to do with my upbringing in Germany and because of that I had a tremendously exciting trip.

Most interesting to me was the food. I vividly remember the colorful markets in Malaysia with all these different fruits and vegetables many of them unknown to me. I set out to try as many different kinds of food as I could during my 10 day visit and I did. Our guide Lee was particularly excited when I took a liking in “Durian” a strongly smelling strange tasting South East Asian fruit that is in Asia considered the king of fruits but usually is shunned by Westerners.

The old excitement comes back every time I visit New York’s Chinatown. I always considered it photography heaven. As in Malaysia you can find  here all these different fruits, vegetables, poultry and seafood.

I shot 54 images and edited them down to 20 and recently uploaded them to my website. (You have to scroll down).

This is it for still life at the moment. I’m moving on to upload the photographs of musicians and the portraits that I shot in the last couple of months so stay tuned! 🙂

“Chinatown” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/”Chinatown Project”/Dried Mushrooms June 2009

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