Last Time For This Year

I made it one more time to the Sheep Meadow in Central Park last weekend. Friends of mine are getting together there every Sunday during the summer to play their guitars and to sing.

I met my friend Nina here in Williamsburg and together we took the subway to the city. One more time I stopped by at Subways to get a veggie paddy sandwich, one more time I picked up Kambucha tea at Whole Foods.

When we got to the Meadow Marco was already there waiting for us.. We were just hanging out and talking. It was a beautiful day but very cold for this time of the year.

After an hour or so we moved over to the guys playing their guitars about 50 feet away from us. It was a small group that day since a couple of them were sick. One more time Mr. Lloyed Floyed sang “Highway to Hell” my favorite AC/DC song that he always so well performs.

One more time I looked at the park dipped into the golden sunset light while buildings peaking out above the trees to remind me that I am in nature but that the city is not far away.

Shortly after it just got too cold to bear. This was it, the last Sunday in the Sheep Meadow for this year.


“Last Time For This Year” Sheep Meadow/Central Park/Portrait of my Friend Nina 10-11-09 at 03:56 PM


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Mr. Loyed Floyed performing “Highway To Hell” in the Sheep Meadow:


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