Reut Regev (Part 2)

It was a beautiful day and perfect for shooting some images outside. We did not get far though. The light in the staircase looked fantastic so we set up the next shot there. A few months ago somebody had spray painted “Love_Me” on the walls and I used that for this image.

But because I had shot so many frames for the portrait both of my camera batteries were completely drained. It is interesting to watch my mind work in these situations. I knew I had about 30 minuets of daylight left, what were my options? I remembered that this adapter came with the camera that allows you to use AA batteries. I ran back inside to get some freshly recharged batteries and the adaptor.

The problem was that somehow (I found that out after the shoot) rechargeable batteries don’t work when it comes to powering the camera. After shooting two frames a warning sign would blink to let me know  that I lost battery power. I had to turn off the camera and turn it on again to be able to shoot another two frames.

I was not happy! But what other options did I have? None! I kept on shooting this way until we lost daylight.


“Reut Regev (Part 2)” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/ Portrait of Reut in Staircase 09-18-09 at 06:03 PM


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