Reut Regev (Part 1)

Reut is an amazing trombone player who was born and raised in Israel. Reut needed some new images for press releases and flyers so she came over to the loft for a shoot a couple of weeks ago.

We had a great time and both of us were really happy with the outcome of the project.

We started a day with a portrait of her. I must have shot hundreds of images to get the right angle of her and the trombone but love this shot. It might have even been a good that it took me so long. Often times your people get so much more accustomed to you and the camera the more time you spend with them.  That might be why to me in this shot there seems to be no barrier between Reut and the camera.

We took a minimal approach. Since Reut personally never uses any make-up we shot with almost none.

To lift up her hair slightly I used an old very heavy fan (about 50 pounds). Since I was working alone I leaned it against my tripod to get the best lift but it ended up sliding down and hitting my foot so badly that I was limping for the rest of the day. 🙂

To listen to Reut’s music please go to her website or myspace page. She will be touring in Europe later this month and in November. If you live in Berlin you can see her on November 5th at the Berlin Jazz festival.

“Reut Regev (Part 1)” Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Portrait of Reut with Trombone 09-18-09 at 03:59 PM

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