Presence Of God

My spiritual teacher Michael just started his own blog. At “Presence of God” you can find his thoughts on life.

Reading the first few posts I was surprised that is talking about God a lot what he wasn’t doing in the past.

When I asked him about that he said that his entire life has led to this and that he secretly was hoping everyone would find God in themselves and let him become them.

But what does he mean with that? Isn’t God a separate entity, this father figure that resides in heaven and from there is watching over us? Or is God an energy that is everywhere and everything? Is God all there is?

I’ve been taking about listening to the inner voice in my blog posts a lot and now I’m wondering if letting our inner voices guide us is nothing else then listening to God speak?

Or maybe there is no God at all. Are things just happen randomly without any higher power controlling them?


“Presence Of God” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/Ink in water/ August 09


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