One Door Opens………

I hear people often say, “If it is meant to happen it will happen no matter what”. I used to believe the same. What has to happen happens in life despite our actions. If we are meant to meet a certain person it will happen no matter what, if we are meant to be in a relationship with somebody we will do so and if we are meant to do certain things in this lifetime we will do so no matter what. This worldview assumes that all is already written and we are just following our predestined paths.

My view of this has changed. Today I believe that the Universe provides us windows of opportunities. A door, an opportunity opens right in front of us and we either take it or we don’t. These are decisive instances. One can change the course of our entire life either by taking the opportunity or disregarding it.

The terrifying part is that we don’t know what is on the other side when a door opens. What will we find when we step through it? Will we be able to handle what awaits us? Are we ready for change? Are we ready to leave the past behind us and move into the unknown?


“One Door Opens…..” Williamsburg, Brooklyn, In the loft 08-09-09 at 11:38 PM

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