Sifu Alex Richter

I still remember when I arrived at the school the first time to take my introductory lesson.

A few weeks before I had gone out with my roommates to a bar. During our stay we almost got into a brawl with four other guests who were very aggressive and drunk. I was terrified. I had been going to the gym for over a decade and was a pretty advanced yogi but fighting? I did not even know how to make a fist. What would I have done if fight had broken loose?

I called my friend Klaus who had told me that he had started a martial art and how much that had helped his self-confidence. Klaus unfortunately died in a motorcycle accident last year but I will be forever thankful that he gave me Sifu Alex’s number.

Here I was at City Wing Tsun. When I met Sifu the first time I was impressed by how young he was for having his own school (under 30), his self-confidence, his lethal speed and his contagious enthusiasm about Wing Tsun kung fu.

It has rarely happened to me that the moment I meet somebody I know that this person is exactly doing what he or she is meant to do. There is a feeling of “This is it” in the air. You instantly know that he or she is at the right place doing what they are meant to do.

I can only come up with a few people who had and have this aura around them. Immo von Schnurrbein who was my captain while I was in the navy, Richard Avedon the famous photographer when I met him briefly about 13 years ago, my spiritual teacher Michael when he gives sessions and Sifu Alex.

Sifu Alex came to this planet to teach kung fu. I can’t envision a better teacher then him. There are people who are good at something and there are people who can teach. But very rarely you find the combination of both, somebody who is excellent at what they do and at the same time is a fantastic teacher. This is the ideal, then you can really learn something and master the art yourself.

Anybody who lives in the greater New York City and is interested in a martial art that can be used as practical self-defense look not further, you have found the right place!

You can watch an interview with Sifu Alex here.

About two months ago I went to a local bar. A fight broke out between two guys, fists were flying and people were in panic.

The wilder the situation, the more people got involved the calmer I felt.

Thank you Sifu Alex! 🙂




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