Sky On Fire

When we understood that there was only a way to leave but not to return to our island within an island we also realized that we did not have lunch and that all we had with us was water. But never the less Marco and I felt grateful for having the best seat in the house. In 13 years being in New York City I was never able to watch the fireworks sitting down.

But we still had to wait and against the hunger that creped up we could do nothing else then to take sips from our water bottles.

At around 9:30 PM, six and a half hours after we had arrived at the park the spectacle began and within its 30-minuet duration the sky was lit on fire. I was very busy during the entire time shooting as many images as I could.

How interested would I’ve been in seeing the fireworks and spending all this time to get a good spot would I’ve not known that I had my camera in my backpack? I most likely would have spent the evening at home on my couch.

It is enthusiasm. Photography makes me enthusiastic about life, about discovering new things, about capturing what I see in a new angle.

The downside of having the best seat in the house is that you leave the house last. After the fireworks were over the police kept us in the park until the tens of thousands of people behind the barricades had cleared the area. A compliment to the NYPD at this point I am always amazed how well organized and how smooth these mass gatherings are. We biked cross-town to “Curry In A Hurry” a great Indian restaurant to have dinner and then watched a movie.

Could life be better?




“Sky On Fire” New York, 54th Street and Hudson River, Fireworks 07-04-09 at 09:44 PM


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