Island Within The Island

I had a wonderful 4th of July this year. I met my friend Marco in the afternoon in the city. We both had brought our bikes. We biked over to the West Side and uptown along the Hudson River.

We went up to 54th Street and stopped in a little park right to the water to rest. That was at 3 PM. It was a beautiful sunny day with low humidity.

The fireworks had been on the East River as long as I can think back but the year six barges that have been used to launch the fireworks were set up on the Hudson River between 24th Street and 50th street. Apparently this is just happening this year to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage to what would become New York.

Around 5 PM Marco And I decided that at this point it does not make any sense to go and look for another spot to see the fireworks and half an hour later there was really no choice. There were a few hundred people in this little park but the park had become an island surrounded by barricades and behind the barricades tens of thousands of people were waiting to see the fireworks.




“Island Within The Island” New York, 54th Street and Hudson River, Waiting for fireworks 07-04-09 at 07:56 PM


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