Does Love Exist?

Naturally the question “Does love exist?” follows my last post. If we identify with our egos, if we believe that we are the sum of our past experiences that we use to build an illusionary self and if “The Course in Miracles” is right that this illusionary self/ego is unable to love what is love?

What do we experience when we “love” somebody? Can the ego and the true self, the part of us that has no beginning and no end coexist? Is it the true self that feels love?

Or is what we experience a projection of the ego? Do we feel what the ego imagines love to be even though it does not know or even have the potential to experience what it really is?




“Does Love Exist?” Williamsburg/Brooklyn/View from 475 Kent Avenue in fog 05-16-09 at 05:13 AM


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