Spending Time With Michael

And then there is Michael. All week I could not get the scene in the Matrix movie out of my head when Neo meets the oracle. It is not because of what was said in the movie but about her baking cookies while she shares deep spiritual insights with him.

During the six days we spent in Bloomington Michael had constantly one of the three kids glued to him. Either Jude would not fall asleep and he took a walk with him, he was holding Coco because she likes to be held or Elijah would jump up and down on him. It made me realize what a tremendous amount of effort it takes to have children, at least if you are trying to do things right.

The way sessions with him were structured in the past by sitting down, having tea, starting to talk about what problems we were facing at the moment and working on them can’t be applied any more.

Nowadays he would hold one of the children, tell them how much he loves him or her, turn around to Marco or me and say something deep, substantial, mind blowing and seconds later turn back and keep on playing with the kids as if nothing had ever happened. Even though Marco and I know out of experience that there is no place to hide being around Michael he would sometimes catch us by surprise. Not that we were not asking for getting our buttons pushed, we just had spent 15 hours in a car to get here and we knew what was waiting for us. But opening up and letting go is never easy not even after all these years I’ve been working on myself.

Huge red flags went up for the ego when he would strap on the baby carrier for Jude, look at me with his big blue eyes and said, “Would you like to walk with me?” He pulled out this multi colored umbrella to make sure Jude does not get a  sunburn and together we walked the beautiful lush green streets in his neighborhood. Again he shared insights that my true self absorbed with delight like a sponge and my illusionary ego self fought with all the strength that it has left.

Insights that Michael calls “Simple Truths” and simple they are, so simple……..






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