Elijah is a great kid and as I said before I used to be his favorite baby sitter when he was younger. He was always very nice to me. In all the time we spent together in the past I only once had to change a number 2 diaper (what was an experience that I still vividly remember!). We used to go to Central Park together where I taught him all about women (not that I had any idea what I was talking about!) and bought him huge ice creams that he would smear all over his face.

When I asked him what he thinks about girls this time he told me that he is not too much into them because they are so moody. Well he might have a point but I’m sure his view of things might change over the years. 🙂

The first day in Bloomington we (Marco Elijah and I) went to the local Starbucks. I had to retouch a few shots for Obliqsound that I had taken a few months ago. While we were sitting outside having a Soy Chai Latte, a hot chocolate and a juice Marco and I told Elijah that some of the girls in this town have big butts. Sure enough when the next girl walked by Elijah said loudly, “She has a huge butt” conforming his statement by showing her butt size with his hands. Marco and I blushed and Elijah smiled while still holding his hands out.

I told him that even though they might have big butts we should keep the fact of the matter for ourselves but still had to hold him back from expressing his opinion when the next girl walked by.





“Elijah” Bloomington/Indiana/Elijah in his sandbox 04/27/09 at 09:43 AM


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