Not That It Matters But…….

A picture can say more then 1000 words! Not that it matters how they looked like since I will always remember them for their actions but I found some images of my grandmother and grandfather and will add them to this post.

They were taken in the summer of 2000 with both of them sitting where I probably spent most of my time with them over the years, in their tiny kitchen. The images were shot with a Polaroid camera that was almost impossible to focus so they are slightly soft but I wanted to share them anyway.

That reminds me on one of the last conversations I had with my grandfather. We talked about all they had seen and all they had lived through when he said, “Carsten one thing I don’t understand is what is the Internet?” Him not even owning a computer I had a hard time describing him what the Internet is.

Well grandpa this is it, now you are on the World Wide Web!




“My Grandparents” Grossschwarzenlohe/Germany/Helene and Albert Erbse/Summer 2000


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