About Death

None of us will get out of this experience called “Life” alive. There have been rich, intelligent, beautiful, wise and holy people but none of these attributes bought them eternal life.

We don’t like to address death since we are afraid of dying. But why be afraid of something we cannot change? It will happen so why not embrace it?

Why not accept what is? Why not say, “I have to die, I’m not happy about that but until then I will have a great time! I will enjoy life fully!”

Isn’t it an amazing setup? We know that we have to die but we have no idea when. But does the when really matter?

How would we feel about dying if we would live even only one day fully? If in that one-day we do all we want to do, talk to every person we want to talk to and fully express ourselves? Does the fear of death only exist because we feel that we need more time to finally be able to start the life we always wanted to live?

Fact is that every second that passes by we are one second closer to the moment of death. How do we decide to spend this time? When do we start to live the life we always wanted to live?




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