I really managed to not write for 12 days! That is really hard for somebody as compulsive as me. 🙂

The last three weeks or so were wonderful. It felt like one big party. That does not mean that I did not work but since I like what I do taking photographs does not interrupt my happiness.

I was out a lot. I spent time with friends, had again too many beers, went to a bingo party and worked on my dancing skills.

I injured my shoulder in kung fu during training by being roughly cranked in an arm lock. I was not even able to lift my arm and had to go to Uncle Mack to get some relief. For about three weeks I was not able to do yoga or practice kung fu. I suddenly had so much time.

Today I reflected on the last few weeks what was not easy because I seem not even to remember what I did two days ago. I live more and more in the moment and I’m less and less worried about the future or tormented by the past.

I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life. That made me realize that happiness does not depend on anything. I don’t need yoga, I don’t need kung fu and I don’t need this blog either to be happy. It also taught me that it is possible only to do what you want to do. The ability not to think about the future is the key to achieving that. Things will always work out but I have been torturing myself all these years by being afraid of what lies ahead.

The solution to most of our problems is to be able to let go of what we imagining ourselves, our lives and the world to be. I credit the beautiful life I have today and the ability to play with life 100% to the years I spent letting go of the ideas and beliefs that overshadowed my days in the past and turned them into a tremendously painful experience.




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