For Carol

Yesterday my roommate and friend Carol who is in Australia at the moment had to go through a seven-hour operation on her back. All went well.

Carol has been fighting cancer for a couple of years. After she has recovered from the operation she will go into round three of her brawl but I know that she will win the battle.

How can I know that? Carol is one of the strongest and most courageous women I’ve ever met. I’ve seen her move mountains in intense situations I was barely able to handle. When things get tough she is actually at her best and has nerves of steel. She is also fearless as the picture on the lower left corner proves. It is Carol on the swing that we have in the loft and what is in front of her is not a wall but the 30-foot high ceiling.

This post is for you Carol. Kristian, Nieves, Jim, Lester and I sent you our love!




“For Carol” Williamsburg/Brookly/Photographs on our kitchen wall 03-09-09 at 04:31 PM


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